Harpia Group, inc. is a trading company located in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2011, the company markets products in the following segments: military, industrial, metro-rail, aviation and naval. We are structured to meet the specific demands of Latin American countries. Our mission is to offer our customers high quality services. From research of the materials and supplies hard to find, to the logistics and delivery of this material to the customer.


Parts and Machinery

Acquiring parts and machinery abroad requires market knowledge and familiarity with suppliers. Harpia can help you find what you need faster.

Shipment Consolidation

If you purchase from different sources abroad and would like to consolidate everything into a single shipment, Harpia is the right partner. By consolidating shipments you reduce the cost of shipping and customs fees.

Finding Obsolete Parts

Some parts whose manufacture was discontinued are still available on the market. We count with specialized tools to locate these components.

Inventory Excess

Does your company have excess stock of projects already undertaken? These pieces, even if obsolete, are worth money. Harpia can help your company sell this material in the international market.

Customized Products

Working in a new project? Contact us for your customized demands of parts and prototypes. We can find the right manufacturer for your project.

International Suport

Fluent communication in tune with the market is something crucial for success in international relations. Count on Harpia for closer dialogues with manufacturers and suppliers abroad.







Please contact us and make Harpia Group your best partner for any operation abroad.